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Healthy workplaces help
companies attract and keep talent

In the battle for top talent, environment influences not only our personal wellness, but also a company’s ability to recruit and retain employees. Research from Gartner found that organizations where employees have high satisfaction with their workplace had a higher ability to attract (30%) and retain (18%) employees.

Health Wellness - Section 3 - Greg Hartz Quote

We wanted the unofficial tone and perceptions in the community to be 'that building is where you want to work and that's the place where you want to be.' 
Greg Hartz
President & CEO
Tompkins Trust Company

Health Wellness - Section 5 - Beth Whitehead Quote

While shades are typically a must-have for buildings, especially in Hawaii, View smart windows provide a unique solution that not only solves our shading issues but also keeps our teammates comfortably connected to outside.
Beth Whitehead
Executive Vice President &
Chief Administrative Officer
American Savings Bank